Seventh International Conference

    Rybinsk October 16-18, 2019

    «Heat and Mass Transfer and Hydrodynamics in Swirling Flows»

    Keynote Speakers

    1. Philip Ligrani, Professor, University of Alabama in Huntsville, USA

    Recent research developments for turbine blade tip heat transfer with and without film cooling, including development and effects of tip leakage vortices.


    2. Kemal Hanjalic, Professor, Delft University of Technology, Netherland

    Computational modeling of complex swirling flows of industrial relevance.


    3. Robert I. Nigmatulin, Academician of RAS, IO RAS, (Moscow)

    Hydrodynamic equations of large-scale processes in the Earth's atmosphere. Vertical quasistatics and non-hyperbolity.


    4. Eduard E. Son, Academician of RAS, JIHT RAS, (Moscow)

    Quantum swirling flows and quantum turbulence.


    5. Sergey V. Alekseenko, Academician of RAS, IT SB RAS, (Novosibirsk)

    Thermophysical problems of waste recycling.


    6. Artem A. Khalatov, Academician of NAS of Ukraine, IET NAS of Ukraine

    Investigations of vortex and swirling flows in IET NAS of Ukraine.


    7. Dmitry M. Markovich, Corresponding Member of RAS, IT SB RAS, (Novosibirsk)

    On the role of coherent structures in the mechanism of flame stabilization in swirling flows.


    8. Aleksey Yu. Varaksin, Corresponding Member of RAS, JIHT RAS, (Moscow)

    Physical simulation of non-stationary concentrated air and fire vortices: generation, stability, control.


    9. Yuriy N. Shmotin, Dr. Sc., Deputy General Director - General designer of UEC (Moscow)

    Usage of supercomputer technologies in the development of gas turbine engines of UEC


    10. Nikolai Kornev, Professor, University of Rostock, Germany

    LES based on a combination of grid and mesh-free numerical methods.


    11. Sergey A. Isaev, Professor, SPSUCA (Saint Petersburg)

    The effect of anomalous intensification of separated flow and vortex heat transfer in a tilted oval-trench dimple and the design of energy-efficient dimple-structured surfaces.


    12. Evgeniy M. Smirnov, Professor, SPBSTU (Saint Petersburg)

    Numerical simulation of swirling flows in the output diffusers of turbomachines: from RANS to eddy-resolving methods.


    13. Victor I. Terekhov, Professor, IT SB RAS, (Novosibirsk)

    Intensification of heat and mass transfer in separated two-phase flows. Present state and prospects.


    14. Shota A. Piralishvili, Professor, RSATU (Rybinsk)

    Vortex effect: from Martynovsky, Brodyansky and Merkulov up to nowadays (brief historical review).


    15. Konstantin A. Shtym, Dr. Sc., FEFU (Vladivostok)

    Development and implementation of boiler installations with cyclone-vortex pre-furnaces.


    16. Olga V. Mitrofanova, professor, MEPhI (Moscow)

    Influence of the swirling flow effects on the safety and thermal-hydraulic efficiency of nuclear power plants.


    17. Igor A. Popov, professor, KNRTU-KAI (Kazan)

    Hydraulic resistance and heat transfer in pipes with surface vortex generators - review, synthesis and recommendations.


    18. Alexander I. Guryanov, Dr. Sc., RSATU (Rybinsk)

    Vortex counterflow burner for aviation and energetics.


    19. Yuriy A. Kuzma-Kichta, professor, MPEI (Moscow)

    The study of fluctuations of the phase boundary during boiling.


    20. Alexander A. Dekterev, PhD, SFU (Krasnoyarsk).

    Mathematical modeling of swirling flows: hydrodynamics, multiphase, combustion.